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We delivers quality towels for all industries at wholesale prices
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100% COTTON TOWELS for Hand, Hotel, Bath towels, Available in the Different colors. China Cotton Towels wolesale, you can add logo to your product.



MIRCORFIBER TOWELS for Car wash towels, salons, bar and SPA. CHINA MIRCORFIBER TOWELS WHOLESALE, BULK,you can buy it direct sales from China



BAMBOO TOWELS for kitchen, hotel and restaurant,china wholesale bamboo towels bulk,please contact us for best prices,you are in the right place

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Long History

8 years experience in towels industry

High Quality

Design and manufacturer high quality products

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery by Air or by Express fedex, DHL,UPS

Abundant Products

full products lines for towels items

Small Order Acceptable

small order is accepted, we treat every order well

Wonderful Team

professional sales team to offer fast response and good service

Oem Acceptable

5 years OEM experience for 50 clients from USA and Europe

New Offered

Timely industry news for reference

High Quality Towels for All Industries at Affordable Wholesale Prices

Bath towels, cotton towels, hotel towels, hand towels, spa towels, and more! We deliver towels for all industries at great wholesale prices.
At Towels Wholesale, we are all about creating the best products for any business at great wholesale prices. That’s why we offer towels wholesale in variety of styles, weights, colors, and quality. From microfiber towels, to cotton hotel towels, to polyester gym towels, we make purchasing towels bulk a breeze for our clients. Our towels wholesale are used in all industries such as salons, gyms, hotels, spas, restaurants, medical offices, and more. We are China based manufacturer and distributors of towels that help you to clean and stay safe.
If you’re in the business to serve, we are in the business to serve you. Combining loyalty and convenience, we create an online shop where you can find everything that you need for towels. Offering you solutions when you need them, we make sure that all bulk purchases are shipped within days. We understand that you don’t have the time to wait, so we made sure that your items will be delivered to you the day after you made your purchase online. On top of all, our customer service team is here to assist you with everything that you may need.
We have an extensive range of 100% cotton towels available in different designs and colors. Cotton towels China wholesale, you can customize these products and add logo of your business on the product. We also carry microfiber towels for salons, spas, bars, and car wash business. Our bamboo towels are for hotel, restaurants, and bars to keep their kitchen clean.

Bath Towels – Wit styles for every budget, Towels Wholesale carry the best towels for your entire needs. Whether you’re looking for durable cotton and poly blend towels or 100% cotton towels, we have them all.

Hotel Towels – Whether you are looking to stock a budget motel chain or a high end resort, Towels Wholesale has a huge selection of hotel towels.

Hand Towels – If you want to create a cozy feeling for your guests, then hand towels are the perfect solution. We offer a huge range of hand towels in variety of designs, styles, and prices. Stocking your facility, but you have tight budget? We offer you hand towels bulk prices that are affordable.

With over 8 years of experience in the towels industry, Towels Wholesale has been delivering high quality products. All bulk towels purchases are delivered steadfast via UPS, EXPRESS FedeX, DHL, or by air. Rest assured that your orders will arrived after a few days prior to your purchase. The company’s wonderful team sees to it that you will be provided with good service and immediate response
Need towels, but you don’t want to order in bulk? We also accept small orders. Our wonderful sales team treats every order well, to ensure that our clients are satisfied with us.
Call us now for your wholesale towels orders and get the solutions that you need for your business are low prices.

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