Why Divers Take Showers And Use The Tiny Towels-“Shammy”

As we can see on TV, divers participating in the Olympic Games take a shower and then use a tiny towel(shammy)after every dive.” The Shammy is something special and is not just used to dry off. It is a part of you,” said Italian diver Laura Bilotta. Diver athletes worldwide know that a good shammy is worth its weight in gold when it comes to winning a game.


Why Do Divers Shower Or Get In a Hot Tub?

Maintaining muscle warmth is essential for peak performance. Cold muscles are more likely to cramp, leading to costly mistakes in a sport that depends on split-second timing and precise movements. That’s why divers typically shower between dives; the warm water helps to relax the muscles and prevent cramping. In addition, the heat can help to loosen up any joints that may have been affected by the cold water. By taking these precautions, divers can ensure that they’re able to perform at their best when it matters most.

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What Is “Shammy”?

Shammys were initially made out of chamois skin, which is an animal similar to a goat found in Europe and western Asia. The first shammy gained popularity in the late 1960s and early 1970s after Europeans started using them in diving competitions.

Soon after, the towels were made from synthetic materials. However, the original chamois-skin shammy is still prized for its absorbency and durability.

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Why Use Shammy?

Diving is a challenging sport that requires athletes to have a strong sense of control. Athletes often need to grip their legs or other body parts in a dive to execute the maneuver correctly. However, if their legs are wet, it can be challenging to get a good grip, and their hands may slip.

Using a shammy helps the diver get their hands and legs completely dry, leaving them moist enough to get a good grip. This gives the diver greater control over their body and increases the chances of successfully completing the dive. It also reduces the risk of injury. While using a shammy may seem like a small detail, it can make a big difference in competitive diving.

The Features Of Shammy

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Fast-Drying And Absorbent

Shammy is incredibly fast-drying and absorbent. The synthetic fibers used in their construction feel spongy and plastic-like in texture. These materials enable the cloth to soak up large amounts of liquid that can then be released with a good twist. With the watershed, the chamois fabric quickly dries and is ready for its subsequent use. Chamois towels are perfect for those who need to dry off quickly after a swim or shower.  

Convenient To Carry

Shammy is made of thinner fabrics and is smaller than regular towels, making them ideal for dive athletes who need to transport their towels with them. And because they are so compact, they can be easily stored in a backpack. Shammy is a great way to stay dry and comfortable, whether you’re a competitive diver or an occasional pool user.

 Keep Their Body Warm

For dive athletes, it is essential to stay warm during competitions. Muscles are more likely to be strained or pulled when they are cold. Therefore, it is essential for dive athletes to take measures to stay warm.

Why Do They Tape Their Bodies?

Kinesio tape is a special kind of flexible tape that athletes use as a brace to relieve pain. The tape is said to help reduce swelling, allowing fluid to move through the body more freely, meaning it alleviates muscle and joint pain while competing. The tape can also help support muscles and joints during physical activity.

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Taking showers after every dive is crucial to keeping you healthy and safe. As For Shammy, they are an essential piece of gear for all divers, regardless of experience level or location. So, it’s time to invest in one for yourself. With so many great shammy options on the market today, there’s no excuse not to get one!