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Our Blog provide opportunity to submit the article into our websiteWe are always happy to receive the posts from Contributors Our Main Goal is to provide the top quality content for our readersSubmit your articles to get Expand your outreach, and it will be good for your Business, or you need to build links for your authority sites

What are we looking for? the Guidelines for Guest Post

Hundreds of posting submit to us each and every day, they are from companies, or internet marketerssome of the articles are brilliant, however some of them are awful, so before you start, please go over all the details and make sure every article is in correct format

The following guideline will offer you with all the details you need to assist you get
started with your article.

1. Our Blog Accept guest posting on Technology, Fashion, Business, Industry, Tech News, Digital Marketing, Manufacturing, SEO, Gadgets, Software Application, Computers, Hardware, Apps / Reviews, design, themes, WordPress, social media and different subjects topics to write for us.
and We accept different niches
2. Our readers consists of creative companies, designers, and freelancers who are looking for ideas or change their skills.
If you submit a article and the article is not beneficial to our readers. we will not get back to you and ignore your message
3. please add links , pictures, videos to your article
the Pictures and videos must be very high quality. and the photos or images must be copyright
4. if you have a App, need a review copy, please contact and include a coupon code,
We would love to try new apps.
5. please may ignore some of the message, and please don’t expect us to reply.
we need the blog post with real project, app, or anything else.
and the truth is that We don’t have the time to reply each and every guest posting that’s why, you need to offer the good information to us
6. do you need a business opportunities? Please explain in the message you submitted in details.
Don’t expect a reply if you don’t specify, Time is the most precious resource in the world, especially in business.

As simple as possible. Simplicity is the final form of complexity.
If you do not follow the above tips, your article will be ignored.

What are the specific Requirements ?

Now you already know what kind of article which we are looking forlet’s now repeat the way of submitting your articles.

the Editing

We are only looking for the very best content.
We are not responsible for editing articles for you.
Before sending an article, please ask a friend or colleague to edit it. We hope to publish content immediately.
1. Bad written content will be rejected. We will not get back to you2. The article must be consistent with the quality of other posts on the site. Please take a moment to visit our blog and read the article and check it3. The article must contain at least 1,000 words. We will ignore the content that are semi-final or slapped together in a few minutes.


It is important to format the article to the following guidelines:1.Break your sentence in the paragraph. this is very important2. Use bulleted lists whenever possible.
3.Don’t overuse bold and italic
4. For the main headline, use H2.
5.For subtitles, use H3.

The photos

if you don’t have images. and we will add images to your article to make sure it looks goodwhat size do you need if we have our own images? If you have your own photos, please provide the image with at least 800px wide and 400px high.
also JPG format with 80% quality in photoshop
Note: we need the image name correctly . also a title included

Bad image example – pgffdgh4372sdfsdfe24352.jpg

Good image example-how to do-google-ranking.jpg

For featured images, there are two options, the cover image should be 1400 x 800px. Make sure the image is not deformed or stretched unevenly.

the Anchor text or link

When there is a link, please make sure that the website you linked to is a trusted and credible resource. Do not link more than required. we only accept 1 or 2 links per article.

About the author

We thank all our authors. please provide Your full name with photo,
and also a short description, and links to your website and social media channel

Full name: Your name will be displayed immediately after the article go live

Email: Provide the email address registered on gravatar.com for your author profile picture. Gravatar is a free service that will benefit any post or comment you make on any blog and display a small picture of yourself so people can easily recognize you.

Personal profile: Briefly describe your identity and the work you do (including links to social channel).

what is the benefit to guest posting on our website

Writing for us is a great way to tell stories, share experiences, gain exposure and help other designers, entrepreneurs and creative talents grow.Your content will be featured to our whole readers to see.
You will receive information about the author’s profile (you can promote your portfolio, website through a short personal profile.)

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